With a Raspberry Pi having arrived on my doorstep this morning I thought I would check if anyone has had success with WebGL on it.. Seems they have.. (There goes my weekend)

Soft autonomous earthworm robot at MIT (by MITNewsOffice)

Besides the Obvious issue of stairs, I want one! 

(Source: vimeo.com)

Biennale Bar @ Pier 2/3 - programmed by dLux Media Arts (by biennaleofsydney)

Excellent and cheap fabric for projection screens. This works amazingly as both a rear and front projection screen.

The Biennale Screens were 2.6 by 3.4 metres. Two length of the 1500mm fabric sewn horizontally and stapled round a wooden frame. A very luminous surface.. 

Augmentiforms at the Biennale of Sydney Art Bar, August 3, 2012 : part 2

Augmentiforms at the Biennale of Sydney Art Bar, August 3, 2012

Adventures in low budget, high impact projection screens…


Animated book http://fhtr.org/webglreader/


Animated book http://fhtr.org/webglreader/

Starting to think my next project will use webGL / three.js library (nice example)